Buffalo Rubbing Stone

Address: 1308 Panatella Blvd. NW

Regular Hours of Operation: 7-8AM & 2:30-6:00PM Monday-Thursday and 7-8AM & Noon-6PM on Fridays

The Out of School Care Program is located at 1308 Panatella Blvd, inside the Buffalo Rubbing Stone School.  The Centre provides care for children who are attending the school and are in Grades 1 - 4. BRS Out of School Care hours are: 7-8AM & 2:30-6:00PM Monday-Thursday and 7-8AM & Noon-6PM on Fridays.  We are open 7AM-6PM on non-school days during the school year such as Teacher’s Convention and Spring Break.

Our centre is accredited by the Alberta Association for the Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services. Accreditation is a voluntary program which aims to improve quality of care. It involves a number of rigorous steps which include a self-study which can take up to 12 months, a site visit and ongoing monitoring.

We provide activities that are innovative and engages active student involvement. Students are directly involved engaged in the planning and implementation of their weekly experiences. They are encouraged to suggest activities at group time for the following week. They are also involved in the preparation of materials, arranging props and setting up equipment.  Activities and experiences in our program contribute to all aspects of child and youth development.  Families are encouraged and welcomed to participate and visit our program. We believe that parent involvement in your student’s OSC program will bring about benefits for the whole family.