Doctors Accepting New Patients

Doctors accepting new patients

Looking for a Doctor?

If you are looking for a family doctor who is accepting new patients, you can use the listings below or call Health Link Alberta.
Please make arrangements through a family physician if you need a referral to a specialist.

403-943-LINK(5465) or
Toll-Free 1-866-408-LINK(5465)

Primary Care Network

Register through the Primary Care Network online registry form to be connected with a family physician.

Doctors in SW Calgary Accepting New Patients:
Hygieia Medical Clinic
 726-10 Discovery Ridge Hill SW, Calgary, AB T3H 5X2
403 457-9117

Doctors in NW Calgary Accepting New Patients:

Dr. Tariq Awan - Male
Dr. Nusrat Asif - Female
Dr. Nyunt Kyi - Female

Please call for an appointment: 403-286-3700

Address: Suite #101 4600 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary AB

Doctors in NE Calgary Accepting New Patients:

Trans Canada Medical Centre
Phone: 403-272-3627
Address: 152 1440 52nd St. NE